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At its Winter meeting, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees selected the following projects for receipt of an Archival Grant: "The Pobladores Project Database: Documenting the Lives of the Spanish and Mexican Settlers in Los Angeles to ," Steven Hackel.

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University of California, Riverside - $35, Find, read about, and research all 7, living languages. Ethnologue is the ultimate source of information on the world's languages.

The limit of databases that you can select for a multifile search session is based upon database segments rather than actual databases. The Ovid multifile segment limit is set at to avoid impacting your search sessions. A listing of databases free on the web for anyone.

All of the databases listed below were selected by CSULB subject librarians. All are accessible free on the web, no CSULB login required. Dissertations and Theses. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global This database also includes exclusive online content.

Learn More. ProQuest Digital Archiving and Access Program. ProQuest’s Digital Archiving and Access Program (DAAP) is an easy, cost effective way to digitize the valuable record of graduate research performed at your institution.

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